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Emerald Drop Earrings

Emerald Drop Earrings

This item is a custom piece and not for sale.

Beautiful natural green emerald with stunning pyrite.  The top of the earrings are hand fabricated out of 14kt yellow gold.  The omega clip on the back keeps the earring hanging with perfection.  The overall length is 1.5 inches.  If you are interested in both the earrings and the emerald disc necklace - please contact the designer for a special price!
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This custom piece has so much meaning! I had the honor of making a pendant for a loving mother who asked me to create a piece of jewelry to represent her creative, young son, who’s life ended way too soon.  She wanted to incorporate significant symbols of what he liked including his initial, staircase, eagles, and his birthstone. It was a creative challenge to design a piece that would be worthy of a love so deep that it transcends time.  My friend loves her necklace.  This pendant has also became one of my favorites, too.

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