Drew and Courtney Giesnhagen

Drew and Courtney Giesnhagen

We met on a dating app late in the spring, of 2017.  Drew grew up in Holdrege and I grew up in Nelson.  Wehad attended rival collegesin Nebraska and,while we knew a few of the same people, we had not managed to meet each other until we discovered each other on the app.

We talked for quite a while on the app before having our first date on July 4, 2017. Almost two years later while on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana with my parents, we were posing for a picture in front of Jackson Square with theSt. Louis Cathedral behind us.  Before posing for the picture, Drew asked my mom to take a photo of us on his phone.  He had to show her how to run his phone, since he has an Apple phone and mom has an Android.   After showing her how to run it, he came over to me and stood next to me, so I thought we were just going to smile for the two cameras and take a couple pictures. 

It was at that moment, my dad asked Drew if he was ready. I gave my father a confused look since that is not normally how we take photos.  After looking at dad, and not getting any answers, I turned and looked at Drew, to see him down on one knee with an open ring box in his hand. The ring I had talked to Kerri about was in the ring box.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I had no idea Drew had even talked to Kerri let alone had the ring and had all of this planned.  After he asked me to marry him and I answered by saying yes, I found out he wasn’t showing mom how to use his phone before the “picture”, he was actually Skyping his parents so they could watch the proposal as well. 

I’m so happy I get to marry the man of my dreams on October 17. 2020 and that he was thoughtful enough to include both of our parents on the proposal.

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