With over 30 years of experience, Artist Kerri Votaw Kliewer (owner of The Jewelers Vault) is your go to when designing a one of a kind piece of jewelry unique for you.

Kerri's inspiration comes from the vast prairie where she has lived for the majority of her life. The solitude, nature, and gem material influences and inspires her work. The exquisite gemstones she hand selects reflect the refinement that her thirty-five years in the fine jewelry industry has given her both as a designer and a wholesaler of gemstones.

As a woman designing primarily for women, Kerri makes certain each piece of jewelry is not only breathtaking beautiful, but also comfortable and flattering.

Mariah, the artist's daughter and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, is also in the jewelry industry in New York City and Chicago. She not only helps source the rare material, but also gives a Millennial Generation perspective to our collection.

Impeccable workmanship is vital to Kerri's success. The mountings are hand fabricated in the United States with Kerri personally making or supervising the making of each piece of jewelry. The artist searches trade shows and private collections to purchase the finest rare material for her colored stone and organic gem collections.

Diamond rings are one of Kerri's specialties. We are price competitive on diamonds and colored gems and create a one of a kind custom designed ring or a mounting from the top manufacturers in the industry. We are able to keep our overhead costs low and pass those savings onto our customer.

Life is fabulous and you want your style to reflect that! Never settle for ordinary when you can wear a custom piece designed by Kerri!