KVK Jewelry Design Donation to National Angus Foundation January 30, 2020 19:06

KVK Jewelry Photo Shoot August 28, 2017 19:38

KVK Introduces New Tokiyopeya Bracelet Collection January 20, 2017 16:05

As a tribute to the Lakota Sioux and the inspiring prairie tribal lands of the American Midwest, the latest KVK Jewelry Collection is named TOKIYOPEYA (to-ki-yo-pe-ya). This Lakota word asks that something be exchanged or bartered for something else. Hence, our newest Collection features interchangeable pieces. This stunning group consists primarily of material that is, or once were, found on the prairie. The earrings are convertible and can be easily paired between different sets. The arm cuffs, too, feature interchangeable links. KVK pays sincere homage to the culture and spirit of the Great Sioux Nation.

KVK featured on National TV Show July 26, 2016 23:05

Designer, Kerri Votaw Kliewer, of KVK Jewelry Design, made a custom cuff for Outdoor TV channel hostess, Julie, of the show “Beyond the Hunt” with Rick and Julie.  This unique, one of a kind piece features a bear claw in a handmade sterling silver bezel set on a beige buffalo horn cuff.  

Tucson Gem Show February 15, 2016 20:32

Successful Finds on Gorgeous Material
Artist Kerri and her daughter, Mariah, also in the jewelry industry, had a fun and intense week of searching for beautiful and unique raw material from international exhibitors. The finest gems from Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Arizona, and Alaska will provide the backdrop for the latest KVK Collection. The Tucson Gem Show did not disappoint this designing duo!

Each Gemstone Is Hand Selected
Thousands of loose stones & strands were carefully examined until we found the gems that we had envisioned for the KVK Collection. Emerald, ruby, amethyst, tsavorite, tanzanite, sapphire, opals, pearls, buffalo horn, fossilized ivory, turquoise, jasper, and many colored gem stones in a variety of shapes and sizes will comprise the latest palete for our newest collection. Please check our website to see the new designs as they are completed.

Client Testimony December 17, 2015 23:42


Thank you for the fast shipping.

The jade and pearl on silver earrings were delivered this morning, Tues Dec 15.

The gift box packaging is a lovely extra and welcome touch, and even has a gift tag.


Peggy was excited to open it, so I let her open an early present.

She LOVES the earrings, and says they are more beautiful in person than the picture.

The gems are larger than we expected too.

The jewelry travel bag with so many pockets is much appreciated too.


You know how to make things so special that I think of you first when looking for jewelry.

The 25th anniversary ring from 1997 is still worn every day.

We have gotten more than our money's worth in enjoyment with it.

Good thing, as 50 years is coming up in 7 years.  I'll start saving.


National Angus Auxiliary Donation From KVK Jewelry December 4, 2015 15:18

Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Ivory Jewelry June 22, 2015 16:52

Pearls - Immortal Beauty June 9, 2015 23:48

The iconic moments of great beauties that are captured on film often include pearls.  These timeless classics are as popular now as they have been since they first were depicted by the great Masters in paintings of early royalty.  The cover of the current May Vogue features the striking Scarlett Johansson and what is dangling from her earlobe - a gorgeous pearl earring - of course!

Pearls were the earliest known gem to be highly prized and coveted; long before diamonds and gold.  In 1916 French jeweler Jacques Cartier purchased his famous Fifth Avenue store in New York City by trading two natural pearl necklaces for the property.  Do you remember what was the most expensive piece of jewelry at the recent auction of Elizabeth Taylor's vast collection?  It was a pearl necklace that fetched 11.8 million dollars.  

My advise this week is to dust off your camera and capture the unforgettable lady in your life as she wears her immortal strand of pearls!