Contact - Shipping & Returns

We generally ship jewelry items via USPS Priority Mail. If you would like it sooner we are very happy to overnight the package to you via Federal Express or USPS for an additional charge. We insure all packages and require a direct signature. If the package is valued for more than $5000 then we will mail it to you by USPS Registered Mail, Federal Express, UPS or hand deliver!
New York and New Jersey states ban the sale of Mammoth tusk and teeth.  Due to this KVK is very sorry but we will not be able to send or sell any of our woolly mammoth Ivory or fossilized walrus jewelry to these states.

If for any reason you need to return an item to KVK - just call and we can arrange for you to mail it back.

Personal relationships is what KVK is built on and we do all that we can to make certain you are happy.

KVK Jewelry Design

Kerri Votaw Kliewer  Owner~Designer

1120 18th Street  - Henderson, NE  68371


Cell: 402-366-6638  *best way to reach me*

FAX:  402-723-5422

If you are located in Nebraska, Kansas or Iowa I am very happy to meet you at a location near you.  If you are further away...we can do it via email and phone calls.  I hope to hear from you soon!