Pearls - Immortal Beauty

The iconic moments of great beauties that are captured on film often include pearls.  These timeless classics are as popular now as they have been since they first were depicted by the great Masters in paintings of early royalty.  The cover of the current May Vogue features the striking Scarlett Johansson and what is dangling from her earlobe - a gorgeous pearl earring - of course!

Pearls were the earliest known gem to be highly prized and coveted; long before diamonds and gold.  In 1916 French jeweler Jacques Cartier purchased his famous Fifth Avenue store in New York City by trading two natural pearl necklaces for the property.  Do you remember what was the most expensive piece of jewelry at the recent auction of Elizabeth Taylor's vast collection?  It was a pearl necklace that fetched 11.8 million dollars.  

My advise this week is to dust off your camera and capture the unforgettable lady in your life as she wears her immortal strand of pearls!

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