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The first step is to know your budget.  KVK works diligently to stay within the grooms price range but still create a ring that will capture his brides dream ring!  You are able to work directly with the designer and the owner of the company.  Each love story and each ring is very special to the artist..and she will take the time to ensure this dream will last a lifetime.
The Center Diamond
The center diamond (or colored gem) can be in a variety of shapes.  Your bride may have a certain shape of stone in mind.  The diamond is valued by size, color quality, clarity and cut (also known as ‘the 4 C’s).

You can select your center diamond from ten basic shapes:

Diamond Shapes

Kerri, the owner of KVK Jewelry Design, will review the color, clarity, cut and carat weight with you.  We only sell certified, natural diamonds.  

The Setting for Center Diamond                                                                           

The Setting holds the ring's center diamond (and any additional diamonds or gems), and gives the ring its unique design. The more durable the precious metal, the better protected your investment (the diamond!) will be.                          

PRONG: tiny wires suspend the stone, making it visible from all sides for maximum sparkle.                                                                                                              

BEZEL: A frame of precious metal surrounding the stone keeps it very secure.  

TENSION: the stone appears to hover, held in place by thousands of pounds of pressure.

The Style of the Ring and Accents                                                                                           Create a ring that reflects your bride's personal style.  There are many styles to choose from and several details we can add to make this a one in a million ring!    

Solitaire Setting has a single diamond. The solitaire generally has a solid band with no additional diamonds or gemstones.                                                             

Accent Side Stones Setting features a center diamond with side stones that are smaller in carat weight from the center.                                                                

Three-Stone Setting has a center diamond with two gradually smaller side diamonds. Alternatives to the traditional would be to use equally sized and shaped diamonds on either side of the center, use colored gems rather than diamonds, or vary from the shape of the center diamond.                                                                                           

Halo Accent diamonds (or colored gems) encircle the center diamond.                

Split Shank a style where the shank (band) splits and comes up to the center.  

Personal Touches this can include birthstones, initials & other individual touches.  

Mounting Material the ring can be created in 14kt or 18kt gold in white, yellow or rose color or we can also do platinum. 




















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